NOWR lives thanks to the COMMUNITY. It’s the app users to choose which events to share. No editorial staff, they are the protagonists both editors and recipients.


They are Now, Today or Tomorrow. You decide which is the right moment.


NOWR is AUDIENCE BASED. The event takes place where there is an audience who is following it, that is its where.


NOWR promotes CROWDSOURCED EVENTS. People decide what to publish and to make known. No agenda and no filter on what they choose to share.

Become an influencer and tell your followers what you are doing. Download NOWR!


Start here!

NOWR allows you to discover and live what happens around you. You can discover and take part in events already created or realize one through the map, identify which one has the greatest participation thanks to the icon of intensity and capture the mood with emoji.

Hotspot image
Hotspot image
Watch the events around you!
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The icon represents the intensity of the event: the more it is complete, the greater the participation.
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The description of the event is made through emoji, a smart and warm language that better expresses emotions and mood.
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Clicking on it, you signal your presence at the event and you verify how many NOWR users are already there.
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You can get informed about the event from participants or, if you are already there, share with your friends the emotions you are experiencing.
Add your event
Create your event.
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Share the event with friends on NOWR, on social media and invite them to take part.
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Tell through the emoji the emotions and atmosphere that you are experiencing while you are there.
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Time Filter
Let everybody choose if the event starts now, today or tomorrow.
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The more you use the app the more you accumulate badges that allow you to highlight the new events you create.
Hotspot image
Hotspot image
Search for your events
Search for people, places and emoji.
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Love trend
See the most loved events.
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Search for your favourite places to quickly see what is happening.
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Top trend
See the most popular events.
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The channels we offer you show the events with more participation.
Do you want to know something else? Download the Press kit. You can find all the informations about NOWR.
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You have arrived until the end. Just for you (it’s a secret) we reveal you a tip about NOWR: the more you use the app the more you accumulate badges that allow you to highlight the events you create. So come on, test yourself in the real life and become the coolest influencer in the city.

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